PROADAPT is working with Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) on a 3-continent, 6-country, 2-sector study on Private Markets for Climate Resilience.

Private Markets for Climate Resilience is an assessment of risks and opportunities for companies and investors. This project, established by the PROADAPT program in the Inter-American Development Bank in collaboration with the Nordic Development Fund, is the first major investment by Climate Finance Institutions to systematically evaluate the potential market for climate resilience solutions in the private sector. Focusing on transport and agriculture, this initiative seeks to examine current best practices and investigate the opportunities in this emerging sector by identifying the leaders that will shape the emerging market, highlighting products, services, tools and innovative processes, creating an information platform with emerging opportunities for investment, and identifying companies that are candidates for investment.

• See Launch of Project at Conference in Cartagena, Colombia, 25-27 May 2016 (Document)

• Status Presentation at Financial Symposium, 20 April 2017 (Presentation)

• Interview with Carmen Lacambra at the Financial Symposium

The study will generate several reports, including (forthcoming):

• Finance Report

• Demand Report

• Supply Report

• Market Monitor Report

• Concluding Synthesis Report

Private Markets for Climate Resilience (PMCR)

At the core of the Private Markets for Climate Resilience (PMCR) project is an enterprise-oriented market approach focused on the identification of climate resilience-enhancing products and services provided by the private sector. National teams across 6 countries have documented businesses and investments across 13 sectors, identifying knowledge services, innovative technologies, and pioneering approaches to data management, and good practices.

This is part of a series of short articles from the national teams intended to share with the broader PROADAPT audience their unique perspectives on both the challenges and opportunities confronting businesses in the face of climate change. These experiences converge on the common idea that the private sector is an active contributor to the many different solutions that can achieve climate resilience.

Mogambo Specialty Coffee and Climate Resilience

Mogambo Environmental Path is more than a farm producing single-origin coffee in Colombia. It is a botanical garden, a destination for research tourism, a living laboratory of ethnobotany, biodiversity, and coffee; it is a life project.